Couples are welcome

Erotic Photoart for Couples





Welcome to the Erotic-Photoart Couples page. Here you will be introduced to a concept that at first may sound unusual or outrageous, even deviant and bizarre ... but bear with me, and I think you will soon find it fascinating, intriguing and I trust eventually alluring and arousing.

Let me invite you on a great journey. Seeing you are on the Erotic-Photoart webpage I think it is safe to assume you like sex. Just like I do, and just like my partner does. And seeing you are here, it is clear you like looking at sexy pictures (check out my favorites ); I am sure we are on the same page in this regard.






This is the journey I invite you to take: Let us produce a body of work together ... brace yourself: A series of sensuous and sometimes outrageous photos of you and your partner, in the nude and having sex. Why look at sexy photos of other people? Wouldn't it make sense to have the person you love in the picture?






And let me make one thing clear: With this project we are not shooting pornography (what is pornography?), we are producing Erotic-Photoart ... intimate, artistic, aesthetic photos of two people in love, making love ... for their pleasure, to get aroused, and for them to keep for the rest of their lives.






I'll be upfront: The  costs  of a portfolio of your very own Erotic-Photoart is less than it costs to photograph a wedding, or going on a nice vacation. Most likely you & your partner will come to Sydney, for a mini holiday. You'll come to one of our great hotels. That is where we shall stage your photo session.






You'll book your room for at least one night. We will photograph in your room  but potentially also in the restaurant and/or the bar of the hotel, to produce a comprehensive record of your adventure. We even may go out and take pictures on location in our wonderful city (the Marble Bar?)






We may photograph your wife going to a lingerie store and purchasing some sexy underwear ... I advise you to spend on lingerie near as much as on a wedding dress. We may produce a whole series of lingerie photos ... hot, sexy images to match anything you see on the internet.






I hope I have inspired you; anyway no hard-sell now ... just browse my website to see where I - as a photographer -  come from. Allow me also to make this claim ... this may very well be the most outrageous adventure you will go on in all of your life. And - as they say - the cost of something truly unique & satisfying is soon forgotten ... however, the experience is there for ever.


Contact me. CB