Erotic Photoart magazines

NEW… Erotic Photoart magazines. All magazines are 8.5" (21.5cm) square in size and have forty full page Erotic Photoart photos ... some colour, some black and white, all sexy ... many outrageous. You can preview the entire magazines. However, first read my essay PORNOGRAPHY with my EROTIC MANIFESTO.

"Carsten, we love it, we ordered a second copy of The Best Of Volumes 1 - 5; we're cutting it up to frame the pictures and hang them. Really cost effective erotic art up on the wall ... cool as."

Brad, creative director, Sydney, Australia.

The frame on this page is from IKEA ... it is made from plastic. WAYFAIR offer a frame made from wood ... however, it costs nearly four times as much.

Please note: the pictures in the mags are 12cm x 18cm, but the frames are 5" x 7" = 13cm x 18cm, i.e. you have to underlay the photos with a sheet of black paper; happy cutting and trimming! You'll love it too, it's worth the effort.