erotic-photoart revisited

This blog is about my Erotic Photoart revisited.

It has been a few years since I did the last shoot for Erotic Photoart. I only worked on EPA from 2010 to 2011, for just one year. Now I have revisited the photos and found that I wanted to adjust some of them, so with this blog I present you the result, a selection of my favorite pictures, re-edited ... go to my "Director's Cut" gallery. Furthermore - to put it all in context - I have an essay  PORNOGRAPHY




If you're a model, go to my Modelling page ... if you're a photographer, you may be interested in the text below. If you're just visiting ... enjoy the show at my "director's cut" gallery; my pictures are in (roughly) the order they were taken.

A while ago I produced a how-to photo book, similar to my ZEN Photoart book. But I was not happy with the quality of the digital printing process, so I stopped the project ... anyway, below is the text that went into the book.