Marisa Papen brings us indie island erotica

Here, dear fellow travellers in erotica, 

a natural, unaffected woman, a free-thinker ... 

(like myself, if I may say so; just check out  en.light.en.ment)

Her website is about ... the Island Life ... wonderful photos ... and stories.

Marisa Papen

Instagram Un-censored

"Being true to who we are is the most important thing to me. We face daily news of abuse of power, sexually and otherwise. Many too fearful to come forward before are finally sharing their voice and truly being heard, knowing they matter, it's so freeing. We also see countless Instagram models looking for likes by exploiting themselves physically while often being judged negatively or blamed for unwanted advances for showing off their bodies. Freedom to be in our truth is a birth right, showing our bodies isn't an invitation for unwanted sexual advances, nor is being naked not an art form, so the controversy around people's rights to be nude feels like a law against our nature. Nudity seems to be extremely confusing for many, no one should be ashamed, abused or forced to hide themselves. I see our bodies as entirely unique, beautiful and ours to do with as we please, as long as we do not harm another. I hope that by sharing my body and art I free peoples' beliefs of stigmas, empower them, and open their minds. Much like feeling confined in a relationship that isn't working, many are confined by societies decided on judgements. Now that people are feeling more courageous to express their truth, we are taking back our power. I love feeling free so I choose to make my art surrounded by nature and the beautiful places that draw attention to things that matter to me. Being arrested for my art and the feeling of being free is something I stand firmly against." 

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