Sorayama, erotic artist extraordinaire

If you haven't yet heard of him, let me introduce you to Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama. I had been aware of single artworks of his, but a while ago I have come across his book, Masterworks, with most of his best paintings, and - beyond repeating the often said obvious about him: Sorayama is the most amazing contemporary erotic illustrator - I am simply astonished at his incredible output. Just amazing! He's as old as myself and, like myself, has worked since 1970, i.e. for more than 50 years. 

An interview with Oyster said: "In an era being taken over by technology, the technical skill of a master who creates these robotic forms in a super-reality that is entirely handmade, is almost incomprehensible." Entirely handmade - incomprehensible, indeed.


Hajime Sorayama is know for his erotic paintings of not only women, but also robots, as well as his outrageous fantasies. He uses pencil, brush and the airbrush. I start my extensive pictorial with a comparison to the Peruvian artist Alberto Vargas, the painter of many a locker-door pin-up; though obviously Sorayama's work is much more versatile.


Here is a sampler of his book, another link webringjustice and this site from Russia Icart.