Colourful Erotica

C olorful  E rotica

The best photos of  alluring  women 
with  the most  tantalising breasts 
large & X-large - but also small
yes, I'm an all-size, any-size 
even   X-sm    breast fetishist

these are  NOT  my pictures
many were sourced from freex
they're research references
if you find your photo
here and you want
me not to use it
let me know

do you think what 
you see here  is natural? 
think again ...  (retouching)
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 Enjoy the photos,  but allow
me a  word about one aspect of 
the philosophy behind  Erotic-Photoart, 
I completely agree  with this statement:

"I don't want  women who  can stun by 
their mere  presence to  disappear, 
just so that others can  feel 

Jordan B. Peterson
12 Rules for Life

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