Erotic Photoart by Carsten Burmeister



"Art is never chaste.

It ought to be forbidden

to ignorant innocents,

never allowed into

contact with those

not sufficiently prepared.

Where it is chaste,

it is not art."

Pablo Picasso

"I think the shots are bloody fantastic! Very classy, smoking hot."

Cris, producer, Melbourne

"This is just brilliant."

Candace, model, dancer, poet, photographer,

Brooklyn, New York, US

"Stunning work, I love it!

Ever need retouching I will be there."

Zahris, retoucher, Zurich, Suisse

"Wow. A fine collection & beautiful portrayal

of delicate & glamorous women."

WK, web ninja, Sydney

“This is amazing,

when will we see the coffee-table book?”

Brad, creative director, Sydney

“Carsten, we love it ... we ordered second copies and we're cutting one up to frame those pictures and hang them. Really cost effective erotic art up on the wall;

cool as." Brad, creative director, Sydney, Australia.


Lavender Brown, model, Aukland, NZ

"Awesome work."

Ted-E-Bear, photographer, Sydney

"Wow, good to see quality photography

on an adult site for once, well done."

Gordon, designer, London, UK

Art at times is not convenient,

not what is expected,

not pretty.

Art may surprise

or challenge;

it may be uncontrollable.