Erotic Modelling


I'm in Sydney, Australia ... I shoot models from all over the world who travel and pass through (sorry, since this is a non-commercial site, I cannot contribute to travel expenses). 

My sessions go for two hours, and I pay AU$250. 

If you join Erotic Photoart you must provide proof of age and sign a model release  FORM, but the release is for use of the shots on this website and any printed material in conjunction with Erotic Photoart only (prints for gallery exhibits, magazines or ads for the Erotic Photoart website).

If you wish to have photos taken for your own use, i.e. your own website, we may be able to arrange a time-for-photos deal ... where no money is exchanged.  FORM

The release is not unlimited, i.e. your shots will not be sold-on freely - should third parties request to publish a picture that features you, a suitable modelfee will be negotiated.

All shoots for Erotic Photoart involve full nudity and some shots entail somewhat explicit nudity, i.e. my still-life-type shots, my body-scapes. 

So … before you decide to take part in an Erotic Photoart shoot, first have a good look at my  pictures  and be sure you are comfortable with them. 

In order for me to see if you are right for Erotic Photoart, please email me some current, unretouched, full-body nude shots of yourself ... unless you are with a modelling agency, such as MM. Check out what MM says about models'  'Polaroids'.

You may want to read the endorsement from Eve-Isabella on the left as well as my  Erotic Manifesto  and the Alchemy of Erotic Photoart  for some context ... Why erotica? Why erotic art? Why erotic-photoart?

cb (at) erotic-photoart (dot) com