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Some of the content 
on my website is not just 
nudity, but explicit sexual activity.

Many photos on these blogs aren't mine,
I use them as reference material as well as for
inspiration; I source the best erotic photos on the net


Helmut Newton, vulgar and brilliant

Fashion photographer Helmut Newton was not only vulgar, 
but above all brilliant

Jeanloup Sieff

Jeanloup Sieff pioniered nude photography

The "Director's Cut"

This is my "director's cut" gallery,
my ultimate Erotic Photoart collection

Colourful Erotica

A colourful erotic journey

A fascination with the New Black

Neo Noir is the word ... New Black (& White)

Sorayama, erotic artist extraordinaire

If you haven't yet heard of him, let me introduce you to Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama …

Erotic Fantasies

A new chapter on Erotic Photoart ... Erotic Fantasies

As pretty as ...

... a doll

Freeform Rockclimbing

Freeform Rockclimbing doesn't get any free-er than doing it in the nude

Care for some punk?

Steampunk, a deviant artform that requires a lot of dedication

erotic-photoart revisited

After six years I have revisited my Erotic Photoart pictures

Gary Breckheimer

New York photographer Gary Breckheimer takes his models into the street

Erotic Photoart magazines

You wanted Erotic Photoart printed, to put on your coffee table? Good news, the Erotic Photoart Magazines are here

Marco Tenaglia

Italian photographer Marco Tenaglia's photos show a cold sensuality

Body Improvements

Can the body be improved? Some would say, of course.

Phonesex, the how to

Is phonesex for you?
Here's how it's done ...

Marisa Papen brings us indie island erotica

Indie island erotica ... and stories

Give the Gift

Give the Gift of a Lifetime

Couples are welcome

You may have guessed it:
Couples are welcome on Erotic Photoart

Going all the way

These m odels are going all the way

FreeXcafe your gateway to porn

FreeXcafe is your gateway to pornography, a site that links to a myriad of porn sites

Karen McDougal, Playboy playmate

Karen McDougal was a Playboy playmate, and a girlfriend


Petter Hegre has a way with very young women

Home-made porn by Michelle 7

Michelle 7 comes up with the [home-made porn] goods

Retro American Pin Up Photography

Do you like your erotic art retro, atmospheric and American, 
very American? 

Alberto Vargas, pioneer of erotic art

I am due to pay homage to Alberto Vargas, a pioneer of erotic art ...

Latest model on Erotic Photoart

Here she is, the delectable Aisha …

Dark, Erotic, Surreal - the art of Hector Pineda

Here is a presentation of digital/photographic artworks I have long admired, those of Hector Pineda …

Akira, from Korea

Akira comes to Sydney from Korea …

Meet new Erotic Photoart model Niansa

Here's beautiful, voluptuous Niansa, from England/Ireland …

The perfection of the Electron …

I like perfection and the other day I learnt something new: The Electron is a perfect sphere; that's right, it's perfectly round …

Model: Eve-Isabella

Eve 'Puppycat' Isabella, is special; she's on fire … when she's not covered in latex or tied up with ropes …

"Fine Art Nude" magazine

Do you like "Fine Art Nude"; you know, all black & white and highfalutin? Yes? Me too! Here's a great example …

Model: Alexis

Meet Alexis, she is from Australia's Gold Coast, near Brisbane …

Surprise, surprise

Do you like surprises?

Met Art

Met Art ... an online porn magazine with a claim to art

Faces of a Little Death

This website shows what we look like when we climax

Model: Barbara

Barbara is a cat-walk model from Northern Europe, who came to Sydney in 2010 to study …


The photographs of Alva Bernadine

Model: Anne

Let me introduce you to another EROTIC PHOTOART model: Anne Duffy, she with that stunning tattoo down her spine …

From Russia in black and white

Here's a fellow photographer - Romani Kadaria - working his heart out in Russia; gorgeous black and white photography

Quiet Still

In the mood for a poem? The Simple Girl Who Follows The Breeze has a way with words …

Model: Katja

Katja is a Sydney model and actor …

Model: Say hello to Tania

Meet Tania; I have now photographed her twice …


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