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I began work on Erotic Photoart in 2010.

With my Photoart I endeavour to apply all I have learnt in 45 years of

With my commercial work I always was constrained … the layout and the client’s brief were paramount. But now, with my Erotic Photoart, these constraints are gone, the chains are off, so to speak. I now shoot ‘free-form’, there is movement and mayhem. For more go to Welcome to Erotic Photoart … and visit my Director’s Cut gallery. 

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MY TWELVE BEST PHOTOS … this is a portfolio going all the way back to, well … 
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BLOGS & LINKS… lots of interesting stuff; the blogs take you to premium erotica on the net, the best of the best, sexy, horny imagery from around the world … you do realize that here I'm doing the hard work for you, don't you?! Trawling the net for good erotica becomes tedious very quickly, because so much of what's on offer is unimaginative, repetitive … often just awful

MODELLING … would you like to be a model on Erotic Photoart? You can earn a model-fee of $250. Check out the modelling page and study my Model Release form



Who would've thought: Adults can handle sex. Apparently this is something some people have lost sight of.

O.k., we're talking about censors here, or rather Tim Dick is, in his SMH column ... one would think it's a no-brainer: 100% of the population are born of sex; 99% of the population enjoy it (one would hope). So why would it be that, "torturing people to death presents relatively little problem to the censors. But dare to show nudity and sex on film or in print?" ... or on the net. Well, we dare, of course.



"I think the shots are bloody fantastic! Very classy, smoking hot." Cris, producer, Melbourne, AUS

"This is just brilliant"
Candace, model, dancer, poet, photographer, Brooklyn,
New York, USA

"Stunning portfolio, I love it! Ever need retouching I will be there" Zahris, retoucher, Zurich, Suisse

"This is amazing, when will we see the coffee-table book?"
Brad, creative director,
Sydney, Australia

"Carsten, we love the magazine ... 
we bought another one and we've 
cut some pages out and framed the photos ... so cool." Brad from Sydney

"Wow, good to see quality photography on an adult site for once, well done." Gordon, designer, London, UK