A fascination with the New Black

Neo Noir is the word ... New Black ... art that is dark, mysterious, other-worldly, sensuous, edgy and sexy ... very, very sexy.

CAUTION    This blog is definitely     NSFW
It contains not just photos of nude women, 
but also nude men and sexual activity;
as well as explicit photos of genetalia.

“The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful 'cause we’re doomed. You'll never be lovelier than you're now.”

The Iliad

“normal” comes in all shapes, shades, sizes & meanings … especially meanings

please note: most of these are  not my photos  ... just reference material, pictures from all over the world 

that I found on the net 

however, I have retouched many of them; so, how come I feel free to use other artists' photos? 

(If you find your photo here and want me to remove it, let me know; photographer or model.) 

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much of what is depicted here is not real ... just fantasy

did you think what you see in erotic pin-up photos is natural?

think again! (retouching)

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