The Alchemy of Erotic Photoart

The Alchemy* of Erotic Photoart

Erotic Photoart is an uncluttered, up-market, sophisticated website with premium content … i.e. great, exciting erotica. My goal is for this site to stand out from the dross of tacky porn-sites. I shall endeavor to bring you a unique, stylish nude photography site … a site with a leaning toward art. 

If you've absorbed my front-page quote by Pablo Picasso, then you know I take my art seriously; and if you've read my Erotic Manifesto, then you know I take my erotica seriously .

So, what’s the difference between porn and erotica? Well, volumes have been written about that (here's a swift definition: the difference between porn and erotica is the lighting) but in any case, you knew already what the difference is (and yes, I do have an opinion on pornography). More pertinently, what is the difference between ‘Fine Art Nude Photography’ (mostly black & white, where someone waxes on lyrical about 'celebrating the female form') and my Erotic Photoart? For me it's this: The former often is staged, static and stationery.

In my photographs there is movement … by the model, my camera, the lights; when I shoot, I'm somewhat out of control. You see, I’ve been an ad shooter for 45 years. Always in control; always restrained. But now the chains are off. When I shoot my nudes, I’m free. I take chances. I allow for the unexpected to happen, the uncontrollable; and for 10 shots that I may consider, I will shoot 100 frames. In the end I’ll use just 1; which I then will retouch, polish, enhance. I'll find a frame I like (but if I don't, doesn't matter; I'll move on to the next shot) and when I bring the raw shot alive in the editing, I turn it into Photoart … with love, care, dedication. I like to think my best shots are mysterious, indeed art.

I love that process: not to have to worry about the shot while I shoot, but to feel the woman in front of me: her moves, her features and her personality … it's the sublime experience of photographer & model in non-physical union; where I endeavour to use my intuition - and my professional expertise - to enrich your life as I bring her beauty to you as well as an appreciation of art.

In  Life this is how  Keef puts into words that process of being creative & free: 

“Oh yeah. That feeling is worth more than anything. There’s a certain moment when you realize that you have actually just left the planet for a bit and that nobody can touch you. You’re elevated because you’re with a bunch of guys (a model, in my case)  that want to do the same thing as you. And when it works, baby, you’ve got wings. You know you’ve been some-where most people never get; you’ve been to a special place …” 

I couldn’t say it better myself … and I just play the Stones while I work. Ohhh … if only I could shoot like the Stones play.

Keep visiting my blog … there will always be interesting stuff, such as info about the models and links to new hot, erotic and often educational websites. You do realize I'm doing the hard work for you here, don't you? It takes a lot of commitment to trawl the often awful erotic content on the net!!@#$%^&*()_+   



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